Adoption Search Services in all states, DC and Canada
Adoption Searches are usually handled on a
NO FIND - NO FEE basis.   Contact us for a quote.

We have worked in reuniting families separated by Adoption for over 35 years.  Having completed over 4,000 reunions.

If you are searching in either Kentucky or South Carolina, please visit the sites below and register in the reunion registry for those states.

Kentucky Adoption Reunion Registry

This registry was started in the early 80's. There are now over 12,000 registered individuals with many reunions that have a connection to Ky, please register.;

South Carolina Adoption Reunion Registry

This registry has almost 10,000 entries and if your birth and/or adoption has a connection with South Carolina, please register.

Florence Crittenton Home Reunion Registry

This registry is for those who have a connection by birth or adoption for any Florence Crittenton Home. These maternity homes were/are in many states all across the U.S. please register